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Wedding: Victor & Marilyn

Hi guys!

Whew! It have been a hectic days for the past few months for me, busy with my transfer and dateline for year end works. Not even have the time to catch a breath I guess haha! Anyway how was your days guys? How your holiday? Bet it an awesome one. Oh by the way Merry Christmas 2012, Happy New Year 2013 and Happy Chinese New Year! I know! I know! I'm too late for that but I need to wish you guys. You know, just to ease my guilt for not being able to update more frequent on this blog. Sorry from the bottom of my heart.

Well last year after the wedding of Charie & Malik, I have a few photography jobs left to finish before the end of the year. So here it is! The wedding of Victor & Marilyn. They are, I could say a combination of two culture. Chinese and Dusun. Can you imagine a Dusun guy marrying a Chinese girl? Well.. Let the photos do the talking..

Till then, Have a great days ahead!

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