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Wedding: Cyril & Julianie

Hey guys! How are your days today? Hope you guys have a wonderful amazing days. As for now, I am uploading you guys a wedding photos for Cyril & Julianie which is taken on June 2013. Remember my previous post for Ebronny & Nooridah? You can click here to read more. Well Ebronny and Julianie here are actually brother and sister!

Cyril and Julianie wedding took place at Tang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. There are lots of activities; karaoke, dancing, children playing, family get together from afar, and I am having a blast taking all that moments! Cyril and Julianie are really made for each other, Their faces just glowing and you can see their smiling wide. Though Cyril has a big and hunk body but he is one loving care husband for Julianie and I can see that from all the photos I have taken. I know this is too late but still I want to say congratulation to you both!

For more pictures, you can check out my facebook page. Till then, bye!


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