Welcome Note

Hi and welcome to my blog. It is where I put all my photography works. Feel Free to look around and hope that you enjoy your moments here. Thanks!

Anthony & Felicia

Engagement of my friend, Anthony and Felicia took place at Kota Marudu. Anthony used to be my college mate. They specifically picks Valentine's Day for their engagement's day. What a romantic way to remember this special occasion.! It started around 1pm with the group from male's side all the way from Pitas travel to Kota Marudu (which took about an hour to reached). Then there's discussion from both side on how much of "berian", wearing of engagement ring and of course the signing of agreement letter. Congrats on your engagement day. I'm looking forward seeing you guys on your special moment wedding day.  

And here's some of my favorites.!


  1. Hello Richard, I am very impressed with your photography. Outstanding!
    Love your angles and perspectives. And beautiful colours too.
    Others take pictures, I can see you create pictures.
    Good for you.
    Thats a beautiful couple too. And you captured their moments of joy their stepping out into Marriage Ave.
    Have fun, and keep well.

    1. Thanks Uncle Lee..! That's really inspiring comments for me.. :)

  2. Congrats To Mr. Anthony and syabas for the great photos to Mr. Richard!